Prevent online training modules Provider Access System (PAS)

Prevent online training modules Provider Access System (PAS)

A cost effective way to find out who has completed the Prevent online training in your organisation and to provide evidence of their understanding  

As a provider you need to ensure all of your staff and board members are aware of their responsibility under the Prevent duty and that you have checked their understanding of this. This includes board members, leaders and managers, practitioners and support staff.

You need to:

  • know who has successfully completed the training module 
  • know who has successfully completed the assessment to demonstrate their awareness of their responsibilities
  • have easy to access evidence for Ofsted of training and completion.

The Foundation’s Prevent Online modules provide a very effective way of providing awareness training to all staff and board members and by doing the assessment individuals can produce certificate to show they passed, getting over 85% in the assessment questions.  The training modules and assessments are free of charge and anyone can login, but PAS allows nominated individuals in your organisation to access data that shows the level of participation, completion and achievement of all your staff and produce up-to-date reports.

As a minimum, providers will be expected to produce data on: 

  • number of board members/managers/practitioners/support staff employed
  • number and % of staff and board members who have worked through the package been trained in the Prevent Duty
  • number and % of staff and board members who have completed the training module and passed the assessment.

Gathering this information can be time consuming if gathered by the submission of certificates, especially for large organisations perhaps operating from several sites. By using the Provider Access System this process is automated and a named individual at the provider can access and generate reports that answer these questions with clear data on staff and board members.

Using PAS you will have complete control about who you enter onto a course, and be able to download reports containing the data you need to demonstrate to bodies such as Ofsted who has been through the training and who has passed the assessment. The data can be used on a cohort or even individual basis.

Cost of PAS

  • 250 users: £225
  • 251-500 users: £350
  • 501- 1000 users: £500
  • 1001-2000 users: £900
  • 2001-3000 users: £1400
  • 3001- 4000 users: £1750
  • 4001 + users: £2000

Prices shown exclude VAT.Licences are valid for one year from date of purchase.

What do I need to do to access and use PAS?

Access to the PAS will be arranged by the FOL support team.

Contact the Foundation Online Learning (FOL) support team to provide the following information:

  • the number of users you wish to manage through the PAS
  • contact details of the person responsible for the purchase
  • details of the person who will be the administrator (name and email address)
  • a purchase order for the appropriate number of licences.

You can do this via:

A member of the Foundation Online Learning (FOL) support team will be in contact to confirm the details.

Once set up, the administrator at the provider will be able to:

  • log into the system and add users
  • download reports that reveal who has started the course(s) and who has completed or only partly completed. Providers can do this as often as required
  • add further users up to the maximum number purchased. Additional licences can be purchased if necessary.