What are my responsibilities?

What are my responsibilities?

Strategy and Scrutiny

Governors and board members are expected to set the Prevent strategy for the institution and to ensure that the institution’s strategy complies with the Prevent Duty as set out in the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

Governors are expected to scrutinise the practice in the institution including a Preventing Extremism risk assessment. They should ensure that policies and procedures are in place and are followed to prevent people being drawn into terrorism and extremism.

British Values

Governors and board members should ensure that policies will complement the institution’s responsibility under the Equality Act 2010 and cover student welfare, including equality and diversity, the safety of students and staff 

Governors and board members should ensure that their behaviour, that of managers, the curriculum and policies exemplify British values.

Training and pastoral care responsibilities

Governors and board members should ensure that the institution provides sufficient training for staff, governors and board members to be able to recognise and refer anyone vulnerable to radicalisation.

Governors and board members must ensure that there is be sufficient pastoral care and support for all students.


Governors and board members should be aware that Safeguarding is inspected as part of leadership and management judgement. Since September 2014 Ofsted’s risk-based inspections have increased their focus on fundamental British values and preventing extremism. 

Where Ofsted finds a publicly-funded further education institution or independent learning provider inadequate, which will include where the institution or provider has failed to comply with this duty, intervention action will be taken.