What training and support is there for me?

What training and support is there for me?

ETF online staff Prevent training

The Education and Training Foundation have developed a suite of free online training modules designed for FE and training providers including employer providers to raise awareness of their responsibilities in complying with the Prevent duty. This is in recognition that all staff, governors and board members in ITPs and staff assessing, training or managing with apprentices in employer providers are required to be Prevent duty trained in the Prevent duty Guidance for FE. The modules provide awareness training in context of Prevent duty responsibilities in FE and training.

It should take about 50 minutes to complete both the training module and the assessment. If you achieve a mark of 85% you will be able to print off a Foundation certificate recognising your achievement.

You should choose the appropriate module for your role:

Some staff may have a dual role e.g. board member and another roles. If individuals choose to take more than one module they should be aware that much of the material is inevitably similar.

The Foundation has created these modules with the aim of making them accessible to the widest range of users, regardless of disability or the device they use to view it.

Home office and Police online training

The Home Office has produced a new Prevent e-Learning product to provide an introduction to Prevent. This is aimed at objective two of the Prevent strategy – supporting vulnerable people. It has been developed to raise awareness of and explain Prevent within the wider safeguarding context.

Channel Training. The Police College has also developed a training module which raises awareness of the Channel support programme. Providers may find that this complements the ETF training modules.

ETF face to face training

ETF provides face to face training for the Prevent duty as it applies to ILPs or employer providers. See our booking system for further details of our in-house Prevent and British values offer.

Support within your organisation

Each institution should have a designated Prevent Officer – usually the Safeguarding Officer – you should make sure that you know who this is how to contact them if you have a concern in relation to preventing extremism.