Guidance, links and resources

Guidance, links and resources

Guidance materials
Good practice guide : a brief guide to good practice for all providers
Online security and advice

Event and venue security

Metropolitan Police Advice on events and venues to the Private Sector This is also useful advice for FE and training providers

The following focus on sexual grooming and bullying but many of messages apply to extremist grooming and exploitation:

Guidance notes for staff

Behaviour barometer: a chart showing behaviour which would or would not be worrying. This was developed in Canada so the contact details are not applicable but the barometer itself will be helpful

Teachers, lecturers, trainers, tutors and assessors: A Prevent duty and British values guidance document for teachers, lecturers, tutors and assessors

Learning support teams: A Prevent duty and British values guidance document for learning support teams

Pastoral teams: A Prevent duty and British values guidance document for those responsible for the welfare of apprentices

Ofsted and Estyn Guidance
External speaker guidance
Challenging extremism through religion

Imans online – This organisation provides blogs and information about Islam in the UK.

Counter Narrative Leaflet – What does Islam really say? A leaflet developed by a broad group of mosques and Muslim scholars in Cardiff which explains what Islam really says about the abiding by the laws of the land, blasphemy, moderation and extremism.

Haqiqah:What is the Truth Behind ISIS Ḥaqīqāh has bought together senior Islamic Scholars from Britain to provide scholarly contributions focused specifically on educating young Muslims about the reality of extremist movements. This may be of interest to apprentices or to practitioners.

Charitable giving

Charity Commission facility to check that charities are registered

Commission for Countering Extremism

Fundraising Standards Board site. The FRSB helps the public raise any concerns about fundraising, supports charities in being accountable for their fundraising, and works with the Institute of Fundraising to improve fundraising standards.

AELP website: Guidance on the Prevent duty for employment and learning providers

Department for Education and Home Office

Home Office Channel data 2018-19. In the year ending 31 March 2019, a total of 5,738 individuals were referred to Prevent.  Of the 561 Channel cases, the most common were cases referred because of concerns about right-wing radicalisation (254; 45%), followed by Islamist radicalisation (210; 37%).

Government links for the Prevent duty.

Work Based Learning Provider including employer provider National Guidance – DfE September 2018

Commission for Countering Extremism and links to research commissioned in relation to different forms of extremism

Channel Panel Guidance:  The Home Office guide to the Channel panels and their operation

The Channel Programme and FE providers. A leaflet explaining the Channel and Prevent Programmes with a flowchart. This was developed in London and makes reference to London but the system is similar throughout the country.

Work based learners and the Prevent statutory duty

Government links and documents relating to extremism.

Proscribed organisations

Other Organisations

Stonewall provides support to counter homophobia. This will support providers is promoting British values of tolerance and mutual respect.

Lets talk about it website. Resources to support the Prevent duty

The Quilliam Foundation – is a counter-extremism think tank which deals with citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world.

HATE CRIME: A guide for those affected: for victims of hate crime published by Community Security Trust, Tell MAMA, The Crown Prosecution Service and the Department for Communities and Local Government

Case Studies

Individuals who have been drawn into extremism:

  • Hasib Hussain (7/7 suicide bomber) – The boy who didn’t stand out
  • Ian Davison (Ricin plot) – Neo-Nazi Ian Davison jailed for 10 years for making chemical weapon
  • Neil Lewington – Neo-Nazi jailed for planning racist bombing campaign
  • Younes Tsouli (Cyber Terrorist).

Individuals and Prevent:

  • Case Study – far right extremism – A case study of a young man drawn into right wing extremism and supported out of extremism through Prevent and Channel processes.
Posters and leaflets

Victims of Terrorism Leaflet 2019 This leaflet has been produced by the UK government.

Faith Associates & Imams Online, in partnership with Facebook has launched the ‘Keeping Muslims Safe Online safety guide aimed at providing easy to understand tips and advice outlining best practice to help keep Muslims safe online.

Camden ACL British Values poster for adult learners to explain British Values. This could be used for all age groups.

Leaflet setting out safer giving advice for Syria in English

A poster which raises awareness of the impact of extremism on family and friends

Safe charitable giving poster – English – A charitable giving poster developed by the Charity Commission and the Mosques and Iman’s National Advisory Board in English.

Safer charitable giving poster – Arabic – A charitable giving poster developed by the Charity Commission and the Mosques and Iman’s National Advisory Board in Arabic.

Resources from employer providers and ITPs