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Ofsted annual report published December 2017

Research project on reactions to the Manchester and London terrorist attacks 2017

The University of Huddersfield is currently conducting a research project which focuses on the common feelings and behaviour of people in the aftermath of the Manchester and London terrorist attacks of June 2017.  They are looking for participants to complete the online survey below which should take a few minutes.  Please feel free to share as appropriate.

Amanda Spielman: Head of Ofsted on British values in education and training

Good education takes people on a journey of enlightenment, which is far more difficult without democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law, and tolerance of different belief systems. It should go without saying that without being tolerant and open to new ideas you can’t absorb them. And without having respect for other people’s views you won’t listen to them. And that is why what we call British Values are so important. Sept 2017

Publication of Prevent and Channel data

The government has released Prevent and Channel data covering 2015-16. In 2015/16 a total of 7,631 individuals were referred to Prevent due to concerns they were vulnerable to terrorism. 50 per cent were signposted to alternative support, 36 per cent required no further action and 14 per cent were discussed at Channel panels. Statistical table for Channel referrals from 2012 have also been published. For the full documents see the link below:

UK Government list of proscribed organisations

Scottish Dawn and Scottish Dawn and NS131 (National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action) as aliases of National Action which was proscribed in December 2016 have been added to the list of proscribed organisations in the UK. For the full list click here